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Report - RAF Daws Hill Dec 2014


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This is one of those RAF bases that seemed to flit between between RAF and USAF. The US first came to the site in 1942, just after they'd formally stuck their oar in. The camp had to rapidly expand, so told the adjoining school that they had 3 weeks to find new facilities as they were taking over!

The Americans were gone by '45, but were back again in '52 for the Cold War. Their presence fluctuated, and records show that there were 800 US troops here back in the summer of '69.

The bunker boasted 21,000 square feet, and housed all of the high tech gear needed to launch and guide nuclear missiles.

Between 1985 - 1985 a peace camp sat outside the base, campaigning against US missiles being bought to the UK.

The base closed down in its purely military capacity around 2005. There was a number of educational facilities on the site which stayed active, allowing the last class of students to graduate in 2007.

The site was sold to Taylor Wimpey in 2011, with planning permission to build 441 houses on the site. In March 2012 they applied for planning permission to fill in the bunker, and destroy years of unique heritage for a couple of extra houses. This got delayed and delayed, while English Heritage managed to slip in a Listing order, meaning the bunker is now Grade II listed, and cannot be touched.

Bit of a wet wander about with Rich PDG ( thanks for driving) and Goldie










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Where was pic 4? Thought we had found the theatre (pic 3) but 4 looks a lot more like it.

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