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Lead or Rumour info - RAF Defford /Croome park, Worcestershire


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Croome court was used in WW2 to build an airfield and RAF station. The centre of airfield is still used for satellite comms (Qinetiq) and the airfield by West Mercia police for driver training. I remembered this placed as set of big golf ball radars which you could see from the railway line.

There's now an airfield museum in Croome Court. https://deffordairfieldheritagegroup.wordpress.com/

One google earth there's still some old buildings left in the woods in the centre of the site that look worth a visit.
There might be more buildings in the woods,
Old map in here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-26339282

I've found one report on a visit but it looks like the mainly went to the hospital area which is now the museum.


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@DanMoist theres still quite a lot of bunkers and remnants of the RAF base in the woods around Croome Park (the national trust estate). There’s some amunition bunkers, an old sewage works and other buildings at the top end of South Park in the woods behind Park Seat- problem isn’t the game keeer is a bit of a nutter and gets funny with people having a wander.

There’s also more buildings in another area of woodland however this again is privately owned and part of an active farm site.

I used to be friends with a previous farmers kids and we used to ply in the buildings.

The RAF buildings which have now been incorporated into the visitor center at The Trusts site used to have pheasants in and again we used to play in these...now it’s a canteen!

So just watch out for the crazy game keeper!