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Report - RAF Gamston - February 2018


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RAF Gamston was originally an RAF aerodrome with 3 runways which came into service in December 1942 as part of the RAF Training Command, as well as being a 'satellite' to RAF Ossington.

In May 1943, the field was transferred to 93 Group, Bomber Command Training. In June later in the year No. 82 Operational Training Unit arrived with Wellington Mk. III and Mk. X bombers and Hawker Hurricanes.

In 1944, the unit became No. 86 Operational Training Unit with a new role; night training for Wellington bomber crews. By October 1944, Gamston was transferred to No. 7 Group, Bomber Command.
A month later No. 3 Aircrew School transferred from RAF Shepherds Grove.

The end of the war saw the disbanding of No. 3 Aircrew School and the arrival of No. 30 Operational Training Unit transferred from Hixon, Staffordshire with more Wellington bombers. After the end of World War II all training ceased and the airport was closed.

In May 1953 the airport was reopened as a satellite for nearby RAF Worksop and 211 Advanced Flying School was based there, flying Gloster Meteors and de Havilland Vampires.

The airport is today owned and operated by Gamston Aviation Limited which purchased the operation in July 1993

The Explore:
The site was easy to find and is surrounded by firms, including a haulage company and a recovery company. Quiet on a Sunday.

Access was easy using a gap in the fencing.
We had a wander around taking few photos as this site is slowly being taken back by nature and is being used by someone who is storing odd bits and bobs.

Interesting to walk round and see the old buildings. Definitely worth a look

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