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Report - RAF Goldsborough ROTOR bunker Yorkshire jan '11


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Built during stage 2 of the ROTOR project, and according to Subbrit it is an R2, built in 1952.

This place is looking pretty sorry for itself. As reported on Subbrit the bunker itself is actually flooded right up to the top of the stairwell. The stairwell has been previously covered over and some showers (for very short people) built on top of it. There is now a couple of boards missing leaving a nice gap to fall through into the water below!

This was in use as an outward bounds centre for a while so has been fitted out with loads of toilets, although these are now destroyed.

Guardhouse was badly fire damaged in 2004 and has been stripped by pikey types of everything thats worth anything.

Ive kept the pictures to a minimum, there is not that much to see here anyway.
Could make for a very interesting cave dive though ;)

The guard house:



Looking down into the guardhouse extension, showing the covered stairwell and shower cubicles.



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