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Report - RAF Hope Cove ...R6 Rotor

steve hannaford

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RAF Hope Cove R6 Rotor Bunker

The 30,000 sq ft ,56 roomed bunker was decommissioned in 1999 and sold in 2014 for around £350,000

The Explore..

After our visit too RAF Treleaver ,the following weekend we found ourselves at the Hope cove bunker in Devon.

The bunker is situated next too an active grass airfield..Once known as RAF Bolthead ..

The bunker is pretty much intact and looked impressive against the greying overcast day.

There are several outbuildings,fire shed and external freshwater reservoir .. situated on the rear of the bunker are the four giant fans for the air intake and exhaust.. looking like some gigantic concrete spacecraft.

Access to the bunker through the main roller door led to a set of steps up to the bunkers large heavy steel blast doors .

The power was off in the bunker so we made our way through the dark corridors and down into the bowels of the beast, the only sound was our footsteps and the occasional beep of a smoke alarms low battery warning echoing through the darkness.

We started the explore in the bunkers power and transformer rooms ,with large pull down switches,I was just itching too pull these that would probably bring the bunker bursting into life.

Then onto the air conditioning rooms with large condensers,dehumidifiers and large control panels.

Next was the regional seats of government rooms,with radio station broadcasting room....I could just imagine a government official broadcasting a message of hope too the decimated civilian population during a nuclear holocaust whist having a cup of tea and digestive biscuit in the safety of his concrete sanctuary.

Next was the map rooms,then we made our way through and up going room too room,through large double fire doors that boomed shut behind us making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up ...accommodation,kitchens,toilets and shower rooms adorned with glaring coloured tiles from the sixties.

A room I assume was an armoury with large gun lockers and safes.

The bunker was pretty much built too the same schematics as the bunker we had visited the previous week which was stripped too the bones .. it was easy too imagine what the previous bunker looked like in its day, I tried too take photographs of the same rooms for comparison shots... but there was so much too see .... all in all it was a good Explore..


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Is this recent? I'd heard a property developer started knocking holes in it, doesn't look like they've done much more to convert it.
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Dammit Steve, another great report of somewhere I have been to but couldn't get into! Some cracking shots though, good work. Looks like I'll be busy over Christmas.


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Locked up tight again! Either you have excellent timing or I'm missing something.

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