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Report - RAF Melton Mowbray - April 2017


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Melton Mowbray Abandoned Chicken Farm
Originally believed to have been some sort of ammo or vehicle storage building, it was then turned into a chicken farm.

The building is now abandoned.

Unfortunately, any information I can get has been told by word of mouth so it is very unreliable.

I was originally shown this site by one of my friends late at night whilst cruising in his car. We decided not to risk going in since neither of us had our flashlights or cameras on us, we decided to save it for another time, but we have yet to go back in together. So I decided well might as well go it alone and have a little wander.

I was only able to get a few pictures, I was well to busy taking the whole site in.


Bird's eye view of the site

The Site Entrance- with an onymous looking gate, closed when we came for a quick look beforehand

The entrance to the site from the road in
The second building in the background.
This is where I slowed taking photos.

A Large concrete door that I for the life of me could not open.

Hole in the side of the building (final pic)
Will definitely be going back, if you would like the location feel free to msg me

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