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Report - RAF Meteorological Station Tayport


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This was probably the place that got me interstsed in urban exploration and photography in such areas. I first visited it by chance when I was out on my bike with my dad cycling to Tentsmuir Forest around 10 years ago, and ever so often I've returned to it. The last visit was late last year and its still the empty, vandalised shell its always been in my mind. None the less I took some photographs on my phone until I'm able to get back with my camera. Theres also 2 wartime pillboxes beside the site, these are part of the Tentsmuir coastal defences.

Access to the site is very easy, it used to be gained through a hole in the fence, but last time I was there the gate was open for anyone that wanted to take a look.

Now a little bit of history about the place, as the title suggests its an RAF Meteorogical Station (Or so I've been led to believe) that was constructed during the Second World War to work in conjuction with RAF Leuchars which is nearby. Following its use by the RAF, it was then used by the Meteorogical Office until it was closed and left abandoned in the early 1990's. Theres more history that can be found on the station using google, as thats how I found it :D

Anyway, I hope that anyone reading enjoys the pictures and that I've made a decent first report :)




View from the roof of the main building


Tall building towards the rear of the site, full of bird nests and everything associated with them


Garage right beside the gate of the site


View from the garage window


Corridor in the main building


One of the pillboxes at the far side of the site


The other pillbox


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