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Report - RAF Newton March2017


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Hello all once again!

Had a nice trip over to RAF Newton today, definitely worth a visit!

A brief history of course, RAF Newton was built in 1939, and was used for a bomber base for squadrons to re-equip after the battle of France. Post war, Newton became a training base - and served as a flying training school and more recently: had police dog training just south of the rest of the base. Now it's simply a private industrial estate, mostly offices or just boring old storage space. A fairly large amount of the original buildings are still lying about the place, though some (such as the main one explored today) seem to have been completely stripped out and even used for airsoft in places. [large amount of that sourced from good ol' Wikipedia]

On to the all important explore then! Access was hardly an issue, and we started off with this particularly large building that I think served as a school at some point or another. We ran into a small group of people filming the area on gopros, they seemed nice haha! After this, since the outer part of the complex seemed deserted, myself and my friend ventured across the grounds to a tall tower (genuinely forgot to take a picture of the externals unfortunately). The view from the top was brilliant, but it was incredibly windy. On to the pictures, I've left out a few of the more boring ones of general rooms and all that, favouring more my artsy fartsy shots.

It's well worth adding that in our cockiness as we strolled around the empty site (well, not strolled but you know what I mean) some security from the larger part of the industrial site that's still in use came over and told us to leave. They seemed more curious as to how we'd got there to be honest.

A dramatic corridor shot

Featuring plenty of smashed glass everywhere

I always like to photograph a good ol' window

Here's another one

And a rather "too little, too late" sign (as shown in the background)

Speaking of irrelevant signs, here's a "locked" - but open - door

Here are some buttons... or something... labelled for cameras in a part of the building I can only assuming was used for broadcasting or recording or some sort.... anyone know more??

And, a lovely old RAF sticker

Nothing I love quite like windows and signs saying I shouldn't be there!

Here are some old fuses etc (right?) in one of the only rooms with stuff left

Onto the tower!! Here's the rather daunting ladder (as seen from part way up)

But it provided a good view of the first building

Not to mention, everywhere else!

Thanks for viewing!

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