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Lead or Rumour info - RAF Newton Munitions storage, Nottinghamshire


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Whilst flying over Nottingham in a hot air balloon at the weekend i spied something that i had not seen before and after a quick bit of research it appears to be a munitions storage for RAF Newton.
Probably not an epic explore but might be worth checking if you are in the area. I would be interested in seeing some pics if folk have already been in.


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sadly it is not what it appears to be, it was used to train the dogs. Made to look like a secure compound however if you venture inside the doors are painted onto the concrete and all you can get into is portacabins




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28DL Full Member
I think I'm correct in saying that is an exact replica of Witterings dump, also there was evidence of the blue steel program on site I think.

I did recieve from the head of security a large plan of the dump, however the elements hadn't been kind to it so it was binned.


Replica is probably not the correct term, 'same layout' perhaps, as it was at one time in use as such, 'replica' somehow smacks of 'copy'

Nearly all of the 'Bomb Dumps' were built to a general plan, modified only by local geography! and this dump was not built as a traing area but to service the airfield, it is only isolated today with the removal of the landing strips and pans.

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