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Report - RAF Nocton Hall & The Hospital


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RAF Nocton Hall & The Hospital - March 2014

This Project Illustrates some of the locations arround The Hospital which is divided up into North & South Quarters with a Main Central Corridor than spans the whole site.
I decided to go to Nocton Hospital as I had not been there since 2005. My friends who like derelict places decided to come with me and see the place. The 3 of us had the place ourselves until we left as dusk. The place is haven for wildlife as it has been left to decay. I saw about 6 barn owls on site. I did not have the right lens to take any pictures of them. It can be very easy to get side tracked into other types of photography when on site. The time went very quickly when on full turbo photo mode, I took about 700 pictures. There is still a lot more to photograph, it is a good place for corridor shots and decay. I plan to go back there to produce a more in depth project of every room. Well the important ones.

Brief History
RAF Hospital Nocton Hall was a 740-bed RAF hospital serving the predominantly RAF personnel based at the large number of RAF Stations in the area. It opened in June 1947. It was used by forces personnel, their families and local civilians until it closed on 31st March 1983. The Hall was used as the Officers' Mess.

In 1984 it was leased to the USAF as a United States Air Force wartime contingency hospital. RAF Nocton Hall was handed back to Her Majesty's Government by the USAF on 30 September 1995 but has never been brought back into use as a hospital.

Here are some pictures
They include The Hall, Hospital Block Interior, Some Corridor Shots, Nissen Hut Interior, A Plant Room Genrator, Ward Shot and the Hospital at Dusk.











If you wish to see the complete collection please click the link below


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Hamtagger we will have to meet up again sometime when I get more time to produce in depth photos. I've another 700 to sort of Nocton when I went last Sunday. Still more there though, just seems like something new all the time. must try find the sub station unless some 1 has weighed it in. Theres the plastic doors I missed too. The Surgery was good.

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How can you have have over 700 pictures of Nocton? There's only about two things to photograph?


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Depends on what you see when you are at the sight, or how long you are at the sight too. lighting positioning, etc.


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I think its up to the person photographing these sites on how many photographs they decide to take, and the 10 they post on here.