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Report - RAF North Luffenham - August 2018


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The history

RAF Luffenham is a RAF base in Leicestershire. Originally built in the 1940's as a training base for the No.17 elementary flying training school. At a later date North luffenham became part of the control of thorpe missiles and had Satellite vehicles on the base to help target the missiles. The site later closed in 1998. Sorry. I'm rubbish at the ode history of these sorts of places.

The explore

Been here twice, and was fortunate to have lovely weather on both occasions. This explore is a relatively easy mooch and you can literally walk straight onto the airfield, however as parts of it are still in use by the local barracks for training you might meet a friendly soldier asking you to move on :( Which we did. Luckily for me there were no injuries at this one and it was fairly relaxed one prior to some dweeb taking photos with permission reporting us. Grrrrr, All in all it was a nice little mooch, however I think many of the vehicles have been removed now *sad face* unless I just really didn't get round the whole site. Bit late to the party on this one and am fully aware it has been done to death. Peace out.









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Nice few snaps despite being moved on! Love your angle on that second to last picture and cloud cover compliments it well! Good job! :thumb

Bikin Glynn

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Some interesting bits there. Good effort.

Why don't you post your reports on here, rather than a link to another forum?
I do when I have time but usually get bored after doing it once.
That said I have only just started on here again really.
Oh but if u want a list of reasons, its A-F on the fb page

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