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Report - RAF Stenigot Lincolnshire - October 2018


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28DL Full Member
After seeing the reports on here last week about the dishes at RAF Stenigot getting cut up, we headed over for a look. Since the reports were posted another two dishes have been removed for scrap. There is one dish left intact, I am sure this will be gone by next weekend.

This saddens me as I have been to this site more than any other, I love the remote location and the history.

Goodbye old friends 1959 - 2018.



Flaxenation of the G!!!
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savage I probably should have gone to see them at least once!


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28DL Full Member
Such a shame, I wish at least one of the dishes would be kept, the Army and Navy seem better at preserving their history than the RAF. I went there as part of a force development trip when I was in the RAF and climbed the Stenigot tower, here's a photograph of the dishes from the top of the tower.


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Am going to be in that area of the country soon again.
Always liked to pop by when in the area, so such a shame that this has gone

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