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Report - RAF Thurleigh, Bedfordshire. Jan 2011.


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Saw a report on here and myself and my mate and having a good healthy interest in cars, plus with the control tower and couple of other buildings dotted around thought it worth a visit.

With plenty of interesting cars to look at and by plenty I mean so many you won't see them all. Most have V5 documents in them keys and service history, all just quietly sitting there.

Various vandalism has taken place in pockets, and the odd obvious helping of taking parts here and there, but I am massively surprised that not more has been taken.

I think if you do like cars, get down there not so much for the report as I don't think this place makes for a great report as the cars a generally crammed in which for the classics that draw your eye aren't helped in making them very photogenic and the old buildings are just stripped out, but certainly a happy day can be spent perusing and marveling at what on earth is going on with all these cars, trying to figure out how much has this cost the government, if there is any wheeling and dealing going on which there must be, and also why we didn't see one ford mondeo?? not that I wish to, but go down there and see an abundance of all makes models and sizes but not 1 mondeo...Odd.

Old RAF base so you can imagine the history of the place, I believe it played some role in WW2 but not sure which, certainly some very old buildings about which have succumbed to the elements.

Onto the pics.

Starting with the buildings.


Lots of stripped out buildings like this, a bit repetitive for pics but worth a look.



Here is some kind of spotting/signal tower.

And the view from top of said tower


Moving onto the control tower which I had high hopes for

Not much inside really, a few stripped out rooms, no vandalism though.

The odd intresting thing left behind, here some old flying report cards, chocks away chaps.

Here you can kind of see the scale of the place but to repeat it with a camera you need a good panoramic shot, as the amount of cars cover a vast space.

Head office.

Lots of star trek style buttons




Now onto the cars, this was taken on a different trip but needed a return visit due to fog, but this captures the sea of cars for me.

Plenty mercs about but I prefer BM's of which there are quite a few nice examples we even decided to have our executive lunch (pot noodle) in a nice E38 740.

Here is a nice E39 with service history and all other paperwork sitting in passengers seat great condition.

Old classic mini

The interior of some old Austin, a few of these kinds of old cars that even though I don't rate them I am sure it would break somebody's heart to see them here.

Me stuck in traffic on the way there in my classy motor complete with fully adjustable shopping basket chair.

Don't think this one is quite ready for scrap yet, just one of the hundreds of new cars waiting to go to dealers, which they also use the site for.

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