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Report - RAF Upper Heyford (2010)


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This is my final report before I start doing some new locations, unfortunatley my computer has BSOD'd (blue screen of death) for the second time in a month so i'm left with these photos to share.

Some history from the RAF Upper Heyford website:
"Established as an RFC aerodrome in 1915, the site eventually became an RAF bomber station in the 1920's and 30's, with the veritable Handley-Page Hampden Bomber equipping the 16th Operational Training Unit (OTU) in 1940. Not long after WW2, the USAF leased the air base from the Ministry Of Defense as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance. In 1952, the USAF's Startegic Air Command (SAC) B-47 bomber aircraft arrived and stayed until 1965. The 66th Tactical Reconnaisance Wing (TRW) took up residence with the RF-101C "Voodoo" until 1969. By the mid-1970's, the F-100's of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) arrived and were replaced soon after by the F-111E, "Aardvark". The US drawdown brought a close to US occupancy and operations at the air base in 1994, at which time the site was returned to the Ministry Of Defense. "

The site was also used to film a few music videos, and a car program on MTV called "Pinks".

This was a funny old explore - it was the explore that I met True British Metal & his friend Hazel on, and on entering the site we were greeted by some people in a car (by greeted I mean we saw them then ran away) access to the hospital was unsuccessful but the rest of the site had plenty to offer.

Some photos, sorry about the quality.


Overlooking the school, you can see Hazel in the distance, she actually spent most of the day running off and hiding - a sad memory given how she is now but that's a story for another day.


On entrance to the school there were some very long corridors, perhaps better shown in the next shot.


Sorry for the wonky shot, these corridors (like most things) reminded me of the West Park corridors.


There was also this wooden building which was collapsing in on itsself, nature really was reclaiming it.


Onto the inside this was the in-door volleyball court, surprisingly untouched and great fun to play in!


As said before, nature really was taking over. It was a beautiful site from inside the buildings though.


After seeing this i'm surprised that there havent been hundreds of reports on this place, it was well worth doing at the time.


Some of the artwork was rather brilliant, i've tried not to include too much though.


Someone must have spent hours painting these.


Don't worry guys there's only one more to come.


I could have done a whole report on just the artwork, every room had atleast some.


The only piece of vandalism we could find, I don't know why someone would want to rip this brilliant picture.


There were a few of these old signs around, just looking at some of the cars show how long this place has sat.


I'd pick the SD1 myself! :thumb


And finally, looking back over some of the site.

Thanks a lot for reading my report I really welcome any comments, critisisms etc that you have!


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