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Report - RAF Upper Heyford Boilerhouse + School


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Firstly, as with Mookster's report i've put it up here, this report focusses on the boilerhouse but i've included some extra photos from the school because I feel that my photography has improved since my last report. Not to mention we spent half of the day there so I think it's worthy of posting up. If one of the mods etc wants to move this somewhere else please feel free as its a tricky one to place!

The trip was a rather interesting one - we definately got some funny looks in the only shop in Upper Heyford, based inside one of the original RAF Upper Heyford buildings it screamed of the 1970s, foggy "tinted" glass & it sold just about everything! It was funny going back into the shop covered in anti climb paint and soaking wet, it definately took some explination! Onto the actual explore.. MOD EDIT: [ACCESS DETAILS REMOVED]

As always, on with the photos!


This was the view that greeted us on entry, the boilers were massive & the colours were very reminicent of Pyestock.


Upstairs there was a lot more blue paint - there was absolutely no graffiti or vandalism, suggesting that perhaps we were one of the first to enter since its closure.


Heading downstairs, there were many dials of different ages, again all in very good condition.


I love the handwritten signs inside the boilerhouse, it was a small place and I can imagine it being very cramped, these signs really did make it seem as if the workers had just left one day and never returned.


Mookie's find, whilst I was busy fiddling about with signs (and jumping every time a spider came near!) He was putting all the chemicals back in their place.


I've never seen one of these before, presumably (judging by the indicator solution) this was for testing the water for something.


Just because this place wasn't wide open doesn't mean that it was empty of any occupants! No birds or eggs inside though.


A panoramic of the boilerhouse, all the doors leading outwards had been boarded shut.


The school was next on the list, easy entry meant a lot of graffiti and "trashing", although the assorted litter & dates written ont he walls suggested that not a lot of interest has been taken in this place past 2002 with most of the graffiti being from the same group of people.


Every doorway was like this, very dark and dingy, although Mookster was leading I found myself with no sense of direction at all, every room looked the same.


The rooms were also very much similar, peeling paint & darkness was commonplace.


Complete windows were very rare in this building! at least they made for some nice photos.


There were signs of this place's previous use as a school, with posters, classroom signs & bordered pinboards.


There were several of these - it was amazing that this one was falling off the wall but the adjacent corridor looked untouched!


There was also evidence of the police use - notice the bullet holes in the chalk board!


I've been told these were police seclusion cells, this makes sense judging from the bars on the window.


This shows the extent that nature has taken over - it was literally coming through the doors and windows!


And finally, a generic corridor shot. I though this one was worth posting though.

Thanks for reading my report, I really welcome any comments or criticisms!



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