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Report - RAF Upwood/MOD Clinic (comprehensive) 2012-ongoing

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Hi all, Torch here.

This is my first post ( of many unfortunately) so don't crucify me just yet.

Anywhore, I decided to add my two cents on the RAF Upwood debacle as not many covered it nor had a great deal of detail on the matter.

as a local yokel to the vicinity i have been there on and off over the past few( god knows how many) years.

so first off let me lay down the lore ( gracefully stolen form Wikipedia):
"Royal Air Force Upwood or more simply RAF Upwood is a former Royal Air Force station adjacent to the village of Upwood, Cambridgeshire, England in the United Kingdom.

It was a non-flying station which was under the control of the United States Air Force from 1981, and one of three RAF stations in Cambridgeshire used by the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). Upwood, along with RAF Molesworth and RAF Alconbury are considered the "Tri-Base Area" due to their close geographic proximity, and interdependency."

as of today it's mostly a desolate wasteland but a fun explore nonetheless, as far as urbex spots go i'd say this serves as a beginners guide/tutorial. seeing as A) its easy to find B) easy to enter C) security is, arguably, a joke etc...

the only people that use it now are:
-The farmer: who uses, used to be the whole place, the far left side for his animals which is cordoned off with fencing.
-The factory: which is positioned just beyond the base, meaning cars and lorries drive in and out of the base.
-Air softers: who use the base every other Saturday 7:30am - 5pm
-Air cadets who use it ( i forget but when I remember/ find out will add it here)

Now on with the adventure

First off the Clinic ( RIP in Peace:violin)

as far as i'm aware me and my friends were the first to get in here, we gained access via the underground which led into the courtyard and then the main building, now all that remains is a crater, the likes of which would make megaton blush, and a mountain of gravel.

enough bullshit, heres the pics ( apologies in advance, i have neither the skill nor equipment to take decent pics :() if the pics don't "work" feel free to call me a useless cunt and tell me how to "fix" them :coat

upon entry it was clear the place had/was in the process of being gutted







aside from those pics most , if not all, of the build was intact.

then we saw this and thought " bollocks to it"

it lead to a little cubby hole bridge thingymawotsit.



after that was the pharmacy, which looked like it had been ransacked.
except from a box of birth control




then we found some random shit, such as:
a tannoy


dental equipment



some dudes teeth:eek: ( apologies for the quality)

and some medical supplies: suture removal kit and a "souvenir" towel ( i am aware about the writing on the towel, im just as confused as you)



We then ventured into the server room. fair amount of goodies in here ( *disclaimer* torch does not condone looting, this purely comedic text and is not accountable for any looting done as a result)



that concludes the clinic ( once again RIP)

Now for RAF Upwood
( Pics will come once i take them, so you'll have to settle with my crappy videos)

first off a quick site map for those inclined to check it out for where to go/ places of interest, btw the names of the places listed are names given by those that frequent the area,myself included.


The video ( if not up to scratch just let me know and i'll retake it, when possible)
Check out my channel for other splores, before i get around to posting them up here somewhere: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeE-1PS8rjQuZOJ2ICtrT0w

now to answer some FAQs ( or more accurately frequently seen & unanswered questions)

Q. Why are there two great big tanks there and are they still there?
A. from what i've heard from various sources it was easier to decommission them and leave them there than cart around a 60 tone war machine & yes they are still there.

OK i lied i think was the only question ( that i can think of anyway)

if you have any questions or would like a tour ;)

just message me.

Thanks for stopping by
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I visited today and there was a paintball match on that we weren't aware of ,they were fine about us being there and pointed us in there areas that we could exsplore without running the risk of getting hit by a paintball , but there is still a lot more of the base to exsplore. Do you have an idea of when the best days are to explore when there is no paintball going on ??

Torch the porch monkey

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Most weekdays are fine, air softers only use it every other saterday. Let me know when you're next heading down and ill show you around both above and below ground :cool:

Torch the porch monkey

Urbex monkey
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Just a heads up. went to RAF Upwood today and the tanks are now gone:eek:

Took them long enough but fuck me, what cunt thought that was a good idea:banghead

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