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Report - Raf Upwood oct 09


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After fullers earth we headed of with the next stop ment to be ipswich suger, we hit the m25 and 2hrs later was still sat there having moved about all of 2 mile, i was ready to dump the car and walk home, my wife thinks im impatient :crazy

Finally we made it to colchester a quick moch round severals then of to the suger works... unfortunatly i am impatient and rushed the research of where this place actually was.. we ended up outside a live suger works in bury st edmonds, we'd driven 4 hours to get here, o well only another 40 odd something miles to upwood lets push on :banghead

We arrive in upwood in darkness she blames me i blame the motorway, tired and pissed of we somehow manage to miss the base ending up down some old lane in the middle of no where, you know the type dead end, pikey yard at the bottom big alsation running towards you.. car in reverse i spun that fucker round like something of the dukes of hazzerd and back down the road where we came from.

Totally pissed of with having driven what felt like round the world we pull up in some side turning for a fag and are greeted with a suicide stopping moment...... Raf upwood,,,, now my pictures suck but i went through a fucking nightmare to get these :banghead









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