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Hi. I'm pretty new to urban exploration but I'd like to start with a big one :p I'm in Peterborough so this isn't too far for me, but I'm a little dubious about getting onto the site (best place to park, best place to get in, that kind of thing, what the legality of it is, what places to avoid (thinking buildings/area that are still owned/in use). When you're in, can you pretty much wander about at your leisure or do you have to go all Splinter Cell to avoid watchmen and stuff?

Also I read that the site is being bulldozed to make room for new housing, how far underway is that? Judging by Google Maps there' still a lot of the old base left but I don't know how old that is, or whether what's left is accessible or not.

Cheers guys - I realise these are probably pretty noob questions but I gotta ask 'em.
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They have just demolished 70% of it for new houses, the remaining will stay for a few more years, if you want to visit, just walk in, it’s that simple.


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Being serious? I thought some of it was meant to stay for a bit longer?
someoen on the dear to thread Facebook page I believe was positing videos of the site! The main building where the Pokemon picture was on gone , the tower has gone ect ! Let me see if I can find the videos

I’ll send them to up

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