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Report - - RAF Valley, Anglesey 7/8/96 | Military Sites |

Report - RAF Valley, Anglesey 7/8/96

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A man called Martyn

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This is the second of a short series of trips around Raf bases in the 1990s. On the way to the base we passed RAF Mona which serves as the RLG to valley lots of Hawks undertaking circuits and bumps.In world war two the roles were the other way round as Valley came under the control of Mona which was the larger base at the time.For further information on the history of the base follow the link.
The tour started in one of the Gaydon type Hangers. I never thought that i would see so many hawks in one place.also taking in the control tower and fire station and ended at the 22 sqn 'C' Flight dispersal. We were not permitted access to three Tornado fighters that were making use of the Cardigan bay range.







Refuelling of a wessex

The very realistic looking hawk mock up for the airfield fire crews to train on, complete with dummy stores.There was also a very real Phantom parked further down the airfield for the same role.