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Report - RAF Valley Aug 16


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Just a tiny FORMER corner of Raf Valley.

Fairly easy access and didn't encounter a soul. I did pick a fairly misty evening just in case but all was good.

History on the shelters : The Stanton air-raid shelter was manufactured by the Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd near Nottingham (the iron connection is in the mould pattern). They could be built in any length but usually consisted of 18 precast concrete arched-shaped units (each one in two parts), bolted together to form a standard (after 1941) Air Ministry shelter for 50 men. The entrance can be a brick-lined with concrete steps (where required) and the rear unit has an emergency escape hatch. They are often above ground or semi-sunk but for concealment purposes there is a layer of earth and turf. Alternatively, at airfields having the Oakington pillbox, they can be found as underground shelters with access from the pillbox via a tunnel (such as Bicester and Oakington).

History on the airfield:
The airfield was constructed in the latter part of 1940 and opened for operations on 1 February 1941 as a Fighter Sector Station under No. 9 Group RAF with the task of providing defence cover for England's industrial north-west and shipping in the Irish Sea. Initial detachments were made by Hawker Hurricanes of 312 and 615 Squadrons. A detachment of Bristol Beaufighters of 219 Squadron provided night fighter cover.[3]
RAF Valley's USAAF ferry role was reversed as soon as the European War ended and over 2,600 bombers passed through on their way back to the US for re-deployment, each carrying 20 passengers and crew. The USAAF Movement Section closed in Septe
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