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Report - RAF West Raynham - Norfolk - Jan 2015

Mr Sam

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Another early start and heading east again with a couple of locations to check which turned out to be epic failz so thought we would see what Raychem was like these days and that i had somehow never been. Headed straight for the tower and got that out the way before moving onto the decontamination...

Only to see someone sprinting towards us, he soon realised we were no threat but was still quite keen that we left as if the site manager caught us we would "spend a night in the cells"

leaving the main site we crossed over and checked out the Airmens Restaurant and then spotted the Standby Set Building, having found a larger V12 generator in a similar building recently we all got a little excited Plz see pics for the outcome!

The station closed in 1994, though the Ministry of Defence (MoD) retained it as a strategic reserve. Having laid derelict since closure, the MoD elected in 2004 that it was surplus to requirements, and the site was sold in 2006 to the Welbeck Estate Group who sold the entire site in October 2007. The site is now managed by FW Properties of Norwich, acting for administrators Moore Stevens. A number of the residential properties are now renovated and are either for sale or rental.

The site has now been given planning permission for installation of a 49.9MW solar farm with plant housing and perimeter fence, operated by Good Energy who source power only from renewables. Work is due to start early in 2014.
enough was enough everywhere seemed to be sealed so we popped to Hunstanton for chips and arcades, good fun day out though with MD & Goldie87


















av u seen my marbels
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Re: RAF West Raynham - Norfolk - Jan '15

Nice... Mr secca there is good fun lol

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