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Report - RAF West Raynham, Norfolk - November 2012

Dan Cavanagh

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28DL Full Member
A brief history for those who don't know... (from Wiki as others have!)

"RAF West Raynham was a Royal Air Force station located 2 miles (3.2 km) west of the village of West Raynham in Norfolk, England, opened in the 1930s. RAF Bomber Command flew missions from RAF West Raynham during the Second World War, with the loss of 86 aircraft.
The station closed in 1994."

After visiting again last week (albeit for 15 minutes) I was looking back through photos on here and realised a large selection of what I photographed in 2012 hasn't been shown on here. With this in mind I thought it better late than never for those who also take a great interest in this location. I'm always more than happy to see new bits not yet seen.

This is only a very small selection of what I took that day and will add more if anyone is interested. I've been back a few times since but nothing to add to what has already appeared on this site.

Much as I want to though i've never made it into the hospital :( last time we tried we were busted but i'm hoping things are a little more lax now than they look on face value with all the fences and signs they've clearly got a bulk-buy discount on! Any advice always welcome on that front.

Dragging my GF along for her first UE/climbing lesson, we had a nice leisurely explore with only minor hiding to be done as a police car was circling the area at the time as they could before they put bollards everywhere. As we'd already seen them and waved with no problems we were left with noone watching over us apart from the training aircraft that buzzed over quite a few times from the runway which was in use on the day.


Compared to a lot of the blocks on site, this stood out as being in remarkable condition, appearing like they could have still been in use. I have no idea how they are now over a year later...















No idea what the wood mill was all about, was a huge surprise to find what appeared to be a still used section apparently unsecured. Anybody else come across this?

Need to go back and have a proper go soon with my new DSLR, though my gf's trusty S3400 did the job pretty well here, I should thank her for letting me claim her camera for UE for over a year :laugh

If anyone is thinking of visiting this place in the near future give me a shout would be good to tag along with other locals.

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