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Report - RAF West Raynham September 2020


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This was my first night time explore. Do I have to name the base? I'm hoping not because I want to return at some point. Okay have altered the report title, as suggested. Thanks for the input folks.

I know this is a famous abandoned anyway.
Raynham was built in 1939 and used up until 1994 by the RAF. Currently there is a cluster of (new build I think) occupied houses around where the raf West Raynham memorial stands. The old control tower has been sold and is undergoing alterations to convert it to a private residence. Some of the old base buildings have been occupied, partially turning it into a business park. The vacant buildings on site are largely secured.

I was too nervous about being spotted to do as thorough explore there as I'd like. The images I got are okay. One building had an open door, lucky for us. A second one didn't, but my companion and I heard a lot of banging about from the upper floor, which was odd. It looked pretty damn secure to me. Anyway, here are my pics. The first one was very dark, so I artifically lightened it, that's why it's pixelated so.












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In an ideal world you'd be able to light the photos better but I understand when you say you don't want to be spotted you've got to do what feels right at the time. Are you able to go during daylight or is that not possible with this place? Yes to naming the base, and would good if you could include some history about the location too if you are able to find any.

The basics of the report are there so fair play for that and the fact that you're actually going out and posting up reports is the main thing. If anything I've said doesn't make sense please do ask :)

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Yes you are supposed to give correct name but I dont think it will matter if you do, the access etc is unlikely to change because you name it, these places often remain the same for years

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As said above, yes you do need to title correctly. I doubt it will make a difference, its probably already on here, and as BG says these places often stay the same, if not they open, close, open again. So im sure a 2nd chance will arise. Day time pics are much better as Seffy said. Less chance of being spotted too, as no torch waving. Good luck on round 2. :thumb

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