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Report - RAF Wittering bomb dump AKA "Collyweston Bombstores" - June 2012


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One of my favourite places to photograph, it's much the same as it has been in previous reports only with more vandalism. A few empty bunkers and sheds and that's about your lot.

There was a massive rave there a couple of months ago and that's left it in a complete mess, more so than before. All of these photographs are from various visits, it's about 10 minutes away from me... I need to go next time it snows.

Info stolen from bunkertours.co.uk

It housed the BL755 Cluster Bomb which was carried by offensive support and attack aircraft. Weighing 600lb, each bomb carries 147 small bomblets which scatter over an area on release. A dual-role weapon, it entered RAF service in 1972. It is designed to provide a high `kill' probability against a range of hard and soft targets.

Also the 1000lb High Explosive Bomb.

Some 'other' bombs & munitions were kept in the American owned Igloo's for RAF Lakenheath.

There are also Bomb maintenance buildings and training areas.






Thanks for looking.
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