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railways around Barrow Hill


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28DL Full Member
Hi all,

for anyone interested there are a good number of various yards and lines around the barrow hill and chesterfield area which are still intact but are no longer used or signalled. there is one spur from Chesterfield station to Barrow Hill Roundhouse which is still active however the rest of it isn't.

The area used to have varying amounts of mining and industry in the surrounding area with a colliery nearby closing around 1991 along with the now preserved Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

If anyone fancies visiting these lines Please drop me a PM and I can supply details of how to get there from your neck of the woods.

If anyone fancies exploring said lines and fancies a meet up to do so I am more than happy to partially arrange this, again please Pm me if interested.

As a general piece of Advice I recommend driving to the area as it could save a bloody long walk! lol Otherwise there are two bus services which are sparse but do service the local area to the rail yards.

many thanks,