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Report - Rank 1 CSO, Manchester - September 2011.


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Rank 1 CSO, Manchester

The title says it all really, the place was Rank!

It's been a week since I did this, and boy did it make me sick :(

An un-assuming concrete outfall is hidden amongst the densely overgrown foliage, what looks to have once been a grille covering the narrow overflow has since been pikey'd

Crawling up the overflow, as it was barely 3ft, I could both smell & hear the sewer in the distance


Along the way I spotted a few nuts/bolts & washers, and as I suspected the pikey's have been in here filling their boots with stainless steel

The crawl wasn't pleasant, which with hindsight should have been a sign for what was to come..

The overflow joined up with a split-level CSO chamber, with a barrier seperating the sewer running behind



Further evidence that the metal thieves had been at work, as the various ladders which once led to the sewer below and the chamber above had been yoinked

I climbed accross some of the remaining metal work to reach the upper section of the chamber, which was about 20 ft in length by 10 ft wide


Despite the CSO not having overflowed for a while, everything was caked in fatty deposits and an unknown brown slime, I very nearly slipped into the sewer below at one point :eek:

The air quality wasn't great, infact I'm still feeling quite ill at the time of writing this over a week later

As I turned my camera back on to grab a few more pics, it decided to throw it's hand in, after a bit of faffing about I did manage a few more before it packed up and I decided to GTFO

Here, the trunk sewer flows from left to right below the overflow


It then flows down this weir


Before carrying on downstream through two large rectangular channels


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