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Report - Rank Hovis, Docklands London June 2010


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Visited with Landie and Mookie.

My first London explore, and about time too! I began the morning hoping that this would be one of the most epic explores that I've ever done, but to be honest I felt a tiny bit disappointed. I'd woken up at 6 and got on the train to Oxford, then caught a bus to Aylesbury, called Landie and found out that Mookie had overslept by 1.5hrs! :banghead Not only that, Landie's motor had an alleged breakdown (16 miles away from MM) which pissed us off and set us back another 2hrs (ARGH!)!

On the other hand despite the fact that I almost fell through a floor (I was basically marooned LOL) which scared the shit out of me, I had a marvellous time! My main reservation about the building though is that there's a fair amount of machinery that's been removed which basically meant that the floors were fairly repetitive so I didn't take as many pictures as I'd expected to. Not only that, the place is a lot more dangerous! But then again, the main plus of the building IMO is given that how good a job the guards do guarding the place has meant that 90% of the decay you see is totally natural which I love (I've never liked Hellingly really, given that most of its decay seems to be chav-made judging by photos). Above all, despite our setbacks, it brought me great pleasure to spend the day with Mookie and Landie!



Exterior shot - MOOOOOOOOOKIE!





My personal favourite picture!



Thanks for looking. Best wishes,

TBM :thumb

Full set here.

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