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Report - Rauceby Asylum, Lincolnshire, April '14


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This is my first report so I apologize If I have missed anything off.

For a while now I have wanted to do some UE, I had my eye on another location until a friend told me about this place, so we decided to have a drive down and check it out. We enjoyed a good 3+ hours of exploring, we even scaled the clock tower to get some cool shots from inside however I was disappointed that the tunnels were flooded or caved in. The trip has made me want to explore even more and one thing I did glean from this trip is that Converse are not suitable urbex shoes.

The hospital was designed by GT Hine, construction began in 1897 and was completed in 1902. Operated by the Kesteven County Council the facility was renamed to Kesteven Mental Hospital in 1924 and to Rauceby Mental Hospital in 1933. In 1940 the RAF took control of the building, until a building fire in '47 after which it was returned to the NHS, until it was closed in 1997.

After standing unused and, with the main building in a deteriorating state of repair, David Wilson Homes began redevelopment work on the site in 2004.

(If any of my images are slightly wonky or blurry I apologize, I only have a smart phone, which has a decent enough camera, but I do not make a descent tripod :( )








This mark on the wall I found kinda creepy.

These two pics were from the inside of the clock tower.



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I do like ur shots from tother side of the clock m8, i didnt dare go up there lol....