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Report - Ravensworth Castle, Gateshaed, Oct 11

The Day Walker

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Well this is my second report, first one went in the bin, so hopefully this will be a bit better.

I haven't come across any reports of this place so ill start with a bit of history.

This building or other forms of it have stood here since Saxon times, the first mentions of Ravensworth were around the year 1100. Formerley known as Ravenshelm the Castle has undergone many changes through it's history. It is thought that much of the old building was demolished at some point to make way for a new construction. However one of the remaining towers was left standing and this was incorporated into Ravensworth as we see it today. Parts of the Castle were still in use till the 1950's, but due to mining subsidence a large section had to be demolished. Since then the place has stood empty and neglected. Although not the grand spectacle it once was, this place is certainly worth a look. As you will see it's not in the best of health and it'll only get worse.

Hopefully that didnt bore you too much, heres a few shots to wake you up.



Partner in crime.

The remnants of the Stables


Both of the main archways into the courtyard are currently supported with scaffolding, hopefully awaiting repair, but i doubt it.





This is a image I found of what could be known as Ravenshelm.

Ive also heard since my visit that there used to be some dungeons that were accessable, I didn't know so I wasn't looking but may be worth checking if anyone does go for a look.

Hopefully this makes the grade. Let me know what you think.


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