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Report - Ravensworth Castle, Gateshead - July 2013


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First post. Noticed there hasn't been much reported on this place (not in the past two years anyways) so thought I'd check it out with a couple of non member friends.

Brief history
Source: Wikipedia (Best I could do)
"Ravensworth Castle is a ruinous Grade II* listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument situated at Lamesley, Tyne and Wear, England. In 1724 Sir Henry Liddell built a substantial mansion within the curtilage of the castle, but this was demolished in 1808 by Sir Thomas Liddell and replaced by a grand house designed in the Gothic style by architect John Nash. The Duke of Wellington was entertained there in October 1827.
The Liddell family ceased to live at the castle in about 1910. It was briefly leased to a girls school but gradually fell into disrepair and decay. It was substantially demolished in about 1952 when it became unsafe due to mining subsidence, some of the stone was used to extend Hindley Hall. The ruinous remains have been scheduled by English Heritage in the Buildings at Risk Register."
Also seen somewhere that the castle featured on a BBC restoration programme a few years ago, but missed out.

Anyway, onto the report. I'd done quite a lot of research on this place so I knew how to find it and what the access was like. We were also fully aware that it was on private owned land but didn't really take that into full consideration (wrong, I'm aware) so we had a close run in with the owners on our way out, but I'll come to that later. The building really is not worth visiting anymore in my own opinion, beautiful exteriors and is a definite sight to see especially if you're interested in the history of the place, but on the inside everything interesting has long gone.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that it has definitely had it's day and is now nothing more than some ruins... sad really. There are two spiral staircases at the front which lead to the top of the tower part which I found quite cool, the clock from the opposite tower from here had been removed and I know there are many tunnels underneath but there was no way of getting into them. We found the doors which lead to here but a lot of work had been done to stop people like us from getting in. There was also a hole on the outside which followed into the tunnels (I think) underneath the walls but it was extremely small and claustrophobia is a bitch. On the way out we came across two kids who immediately began to run, we knew they would be going for their parents who clearly owned the land. A woman in a range rover followed us down the tracks on our way out and explained that it was private land and for obvious reasons we had to leave, but she was nice about the situation. I wouldn't recommend visiting without permission as she also explained it was hunting ground and lucky for us all the men were out that day, phew.

Managed to take a number of photos on my mobile phone, didn't want to take my camera as I was on another explore that day and wanted to be as mobile as possible. BAD NEWS. The photo formats are not compatible or some bullsh*t like that so I can't upload them for now, will try another day.

If anyone else has any recent info or even some shots of this place, feel free to post as it would be of high interest!

Through the archway leads to the owners house, best to keep away.






Everything boarded up.



See what I mean about the clock being removed from the tower? Same on the inner side.







Spiral staircase.




Took a while to get them sorted but eventually got there, hope you enjoyed the shots I managed to get and sorry for the image quality.

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