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Report - Ravensworth Castle, Gateshead - May 2014


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Ravensworth Castle is a ruined Grade II listed building, concealed in the trees of a privately owned woodland, in North Durham. The castle occupies the former site of an old fortress, which was allegedly named 'Ravens Helm', or in some records 'Ravens Weath', and two of its crumbling towers continue to exist to this day. The castle was passed between many different owners, however, its most recent possessors, the Liddell family, retained ownership for over 350 years; up until around 1910. After this, the castle was leased for a short period of time, for intended use as an all girl's school. Nonetheless, as is well known, the North East was radically affected by the growth of mining, particularly in the local vicinity of the castle, and by 1952, due to mining subsidence, a significant proportion of the building was demolished as it became substantially unstable. For those interested in old castles and ruins, the site still contains a number of towers, a gatehouse, sections of the curtain wall, cellars, a small network of tunnels and dungeons and some old interesting artefacts (all of which you can access with some level of careful imagination).

Our Version of Events

As we've spent more time in the North East we decided to pay a visit to Ravensworth Castle, to see what was left of the veiled, and largely forgotten, site. We managed to get onto the private estate easily, with no sign of the local residents, and set about exploring. From the outside the structure looks like most other crumbling and ruined castles, but, the site is much bigger than we had first anticipated and we spent hours climbing into the many hidden gems that the site has to offer. On the way out we were trailed, like many before us, by one of the local residents and were warned that it is private property and they regularly carry around shotguns - presumably for controlling pesky little problems on their flourishing and luxurious land.

1: Clock Tower


2: Castle Wall and Tower from the Outside


3: Inside the Castle Wall


4: Old Chimney and Fire Place


5: Old Bathtub


6: View of Castle, Wall and Towers


7: Window from Inside Gatehouse Tower


8: Old Oven? Or Storage?


9: Inside View of Tower Without Floor


10: Deep Cellar


11: Inside Older Section of the Castle (Possibly part of the Old Fort)


12: Stairs inside Castle (Original Steps to the Left)


13: Rooftop View


14: Staircase Inside Upper Section of Castle


15: Growing Ivy in Main Castle Tower


16: Main Castle Tower


17: Storage Space Underneath the Castle


18: Dungeon Cell


19: Tunnels Underneath the Castle


20: More Tunnels Underneath the Castle



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Nice ones :)

You sure it"s not in Sheffield ? Putting your St Vincents skills to good use

I was going to say i"ve not seen this one before, but then you mentioned the "Neighbours" i seem to remember a certain exit Video from a while back :)

pantomime horse

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very interesting pics
would love to see it in the flesh but its a little too far away for me.


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some lovely pics, reminds me of Finchale abbey but on a slightly larger scale :)


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Nice ones :)

You sure it"s not in Sheffield ? Putting your St Vincents skills to good use

I was going to say i"ve not seen this one before, but then you mentioned the "Neighbours" i seem to remember a certain exit Video from a while back :)
i live right next to this castle and it’s in gateshead it’s a hard place to get to with both roads accessing it closed off so anyone going prepare a route through the surrounding fields and forest and watch out for the private estate as they are licensed to shot animals in the woods