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Re-hello from cardiff


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Hello all

Its been a few years but I do miss the urbex world and want to kick this interest back into life.

My name is Jamie, originally from guildford, surrey and recently moved to cardiff for work. I'm a 25 years young lad and i'm looking to meet people nearby to pursue some gnarly urbex visits.

Done a few places with lads I grew up with.. they're not as serious about it as myself.
But we done:
Cambridge military hospital, Aldershot
St peter's morgue, Woking
Few small boring houses, Camberley, Ash vale and Crowethorne
Bodens ride, Ascot
Recently attempted lake view, Virginia Water (but security were sat outside :( ).

I used to be involved with a small group of people I met on here and we did hit up a couple places (very successful visit to silverlands orphanage and unsuccessful visit to severalls) but money and getting to places was tricky for myself as I was younger and had a lame paying job.
Any of you who are still on here then drop me a message!?

If there is anyone looking at starting a group, feel free to message me and we can get something on the go. I'm interested in a bit of rooftopping (as a newbie) and hitting up some abandoned buildings whether large or small.
I do drive so thats not a problem.

Look forward to some good adventures and experiences.


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Have you posted any of the places you have been on the forum ? good way to get talking to people
I need to post an old one of silverlands but due to a corrupt card i lost a few of the places i went to.

Thanks for the tip off, i need to mainly start from scratch.


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Regular User
Wevs is right, you have done a lot but there is no evidence of it.

Post up a few of your reports from the Military Hospital, the Morgue, Camberley, Ascot, and Virginia Waters.

You are very unlikely to get replies when you have zero reports as nobody knows what you are about.

Even more so in Cardiff and South Wales. Stick some report up, show people you are serious and then you'll get a reply.

Good luck.

Londons Calling

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28DL Full Member
Hi Whitey! haha... I was just looking through my private messages to find who I last did urbex with from this forum. I still have the old WhatsApp chat. me, you, keiran, rich, will. Back in 2016 or so.

Good luck with finding some urbex groups! im looking to do the same

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