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Report - Re rewind when the crowd say Flo Selecta, Derby - May 2015


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To give it the full name Captain Birdseye Flo Selecta aka The Markeaton Brook

This has an interesting infall but to be honest the rest of the storm drain is a large pretty dull pipe.

Following the floods of 1931 and 1932, the Borough council arranged for an investigation to be carried out into the flooding problem within the catchment. The planned solution was the construction of two flood relief culverts, with associated improvements to the sewerage system. Opened in 1938, the largest of the diversion tunnels was called the Northern Flood Relief Culvert, and drains excess flows from the Markeaton and Mackworth brooks. The second, known as the Bramble brook culvert takes surplus flows for that tributary stream.

The northern relief culvert commences at Markeaton Park, near to the confluence of the Markeaton and Mackworth brooks. Each brook has its own inlet spillway, with a weir that overflows during periods of high flows. Flows from these inlets converge, and are then taken by the relief culvert eastwards for 2.2 km through the suburbs of Derby, to an outfall with the Derwent in Darley Park.



Mr Wevsky



We didn't go all the way to the outfall as CBA set in and it had been a busy day


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2 miles odd to the outfall i think you said so no sod that mate.your lighting is spot on mate :D