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Report (Permission Visit) Reactor 5, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Oct 2014


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Reactor 5, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

So, yeah, Chernobyl... I always said to myself that I most likely wouldn't take exploring outside of the UK, due to the fact that we have absolutely plenty here to be finding and getting on with - however, I had to make an exception for Chernobyl. It was party because of this place that I got into this hobby in the first place, and therefore seeing it in the flesh was always going to be something special wasn't it?

Some brief history on the deal with Reactor 5:

Two reactors, Nos. 5 and 6, capable of producing 1,000 MW each, were under construction at the time of the accident. Reactor No. 5 was about 70% complete at the time of the accident and was scheduled to start operating in November 7, 1986. However, the works were halted on January 1, 1988 leaving most of the machinery behind. Furthermore a 6th reactor was planned in a new block of buildings scheduled to be completed in 1994.
If you don't know about the Chernobyl disaster and therefore this quote makes no sense, get out of here right now.

For me, this bit had to be up there in the top bits of the week long visit to Ukraine. There are bits inside that I'm fairly sure we spent way longer than we should have in, and bits of the roof that we most certainly shouldn't have been on as 'structurally sound' are not words that can be used to describe this building! All of this aside, we all got out alive and all had a good laugh, so who cares.

I should say now, before someone notices (which everyone will) that there aren't actually any photos from inside the reactor. This is largely because all of the photos I took/attempted to take inside came out terribly. Yes, OK I'll admit now, I forgot a tripod, which explains that. Even so, I still believe that the views from the roof were pretty special, and gave a real sense of scale to Chernobyl as a whole. If you want to see more from inside, have a look at some of the other (excellent) photos that have been put up from the October '14 trip by others.



We all came worryingly close to walking straight off the stairs into this:





DUGA 3 in the background here:



Using the radio sensibly, always...


Reactor 4, taken from the highest point on the roof:


Safety first.. Oo err


This guy...


Unfinished cooling tower for Reactor 5



We had to climb something didn't we...






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This is fantastic, I cant believe that you got ontop of the reactor, some of those ladders look absolutely deadly too...excellent shots :thumb


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Excellent photos, Seffy. Better than any I took in reactor 5 but then I left my tripod on the train!!

Next time I'll bring a tripod and a torch. :-)


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Awesome shots mate! How did you get permission to visit the reactors? Was it a guided tour?


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Isn't that the cooling block for reactor no.5 your stood on and not the actually reactor no.4? We're the pics of the new replacement false chimney on reactor no.4?