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Report - Reading Courage Brewery, Berkshire July 2010


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First off I'd already visited this place with Landie, a couple of his friends and Scotty (YoDawg65) but as a mate I had to give Landie my SD Card 'cause he'd left his at home which thus meant that I didn't get any pictures myself but he did. I had a MARVELLOUS time even though I didn't get any shots. As for the first visit, getting to the site was reasonably easy except for thorns and despite a certain member here saying security patrol the inside (which is complete bollocks as far as I'm concerned) I saw nobody whatsoever! Funny thing is though (call me a bit of a daydreamer or whatever) I saw no security WHATSOEVER despite the other 4 saying "oh we've seen 4 guards walk round - we won't get in today" but you know what? I saw none! When we got in, we'd found all the lights and electricity had been left on, loads left in situ (except for stuff like computers in the offices obviously) which was a real treasure to see. Seriously, this place is in such good condition at the moment that they've even left the phones on! Ha! Loads of old paperwork too which I like to whizz through. OK I did see a dude at his car next to what looks like a security hut in a yellow vest putting something in his car when we were leaving but that was it. Nothing else. Fantastic.

As for the second visit, I got some good pictures I reckon (I didn't use flash once - ha!), except this time I visited with Treadstone and we saw no-one whatsover going in getting out. It seems that one of the boilers had been stripped too and a few tiny changes but that was it.

Here's what I got:





You should see this place with the lights off - it looks awesome!







Never to return




All in all, I guess Pyestock holds its own as being the best industrial site in the UK today, but this seriously gives it a run for its money and is easily a crown jewel as far as industrial sites go. The best site since Pyestock to say the least. I mean, in contrast to say Fairmile (Asylum, not Industrial) and even Rank Hovis next to MM (don't know about Millennium Mills yet) it requires such little effort for a COLOSSAL reward! I'd highly reccommend it to any explorers, old and new, or whether industry is your thing or not. The best explore in Berkshire, no question. Also, being one of the first (though not THE first sadly), I'm really glad I did this successfully.

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