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Report - Really Stupid idea/Stock exchange 17/9/06

si o doom

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Quick visit to the old stock exchange with paulo999 and some new friends we had made and asked the classic questions "but why do you go to these places"

Well you wanna see why? a quick nod to paulo and we were soon climbing the stairs at the old stock exhange.

Spent some time taking some quick pics of the area



While Paulo turned on the charm..........


After a while, the others climbed back down the crane, leaving me on my own to take snaps


After a few minutes an idea popped into my head

"well i'm already this high up, the crows nest ain't much further............."


So whats a man to do?

Climb! thats what!
Now those of you that are out with me regularly know I don't use a camera strap and the rucksack is very bulky, So I left the bag behind and started up the ladder one handed :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Once at the top I was already suffering from a fair case of "disco legs" so I stood up and leant towards the hand rail......................which kept going forward with my weight! the fucking thing was loose!!!!!!!!!!

After inventing several new swear words and realising that it would probably take weeks for my buttocks to unclench i deciided that I had enough photos and started back down the ladder, the amount of adrenalin in my body by this point was making every muscle burn on every rung as i slowly made my way back down, round the winding gear, through the centre and back to the roof................. Now just the matter of walking down 25 flights of stairs..............................