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Recently moved to Manchester, looking to get my feet wet!


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Hey everyone,

Recently moved up to Manchester from Staffordshire, I'm 21 and hail from Burntwood, Staffordshire.
I've explored a few places down there, though nothing particularly noteworthy. There was the D.H Haden factory in Burntwood, and I recently visited the old CWU buildings in Birmingham, a short hop from the library.
Now that I'm living in the city and have my own place, I don't have any time constraints and I don't have to travel far, so I'm looking to get down to exploring as a regular hobby.

If anyone is up for meeting up at some point and taking a look around, I'd be happy to buy a couple drinks. Otherwise, I look forward to reporting my findings here soon :3



28DL Member
28DL Member
Welcome along, do you mean getting your feet wet in the literal sense?
Possibly x'3
Was referring to wanting to gain a bit more experience, if that requires getting my feet wet, so be it! :3c

I've got a little shopping list of stuff to grab, left some of my old tatty trainers back home before I moved, so I'm gonna buy some decent flashlights and some waterproof walking trainers. Not a massive fan of boots for exploring due to the noise and restriction of mobility.
If you or anyone you know is up for a meet-up at some point though, that offer of drinks definitely stands!

Thanks for the warm welcome too!

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