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Hi everyone :cool: we are new around here !

We are based in Milton Keynes and would absolutely love to know of any abandoned buildings we can explore if you have any recommendations! We are keen to check out Wolverton Works but not sure how to access it, or even if we can access it at all.

We have walked a few steps into some abandoned overgrown houses in Cosgrove but didn't feel right being there so if anyone could make the rules for urbexing clear or any tips you have if you get caught that would be super helpful too because we'd love to go back and have a look at these houses again! Anywhere local in Beds and Bucks - just let me know the best places because WE WANNA EXPLORE :D

Thanks a mill!

Agent MOD & Agent Dazzaa


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Welcome! RE: Wolverton Railway works - last report is HERE so it might not currently be do-able. Best way is to go and have a look-see...

Stewartby Brick works is in your nexk of the woods too.

Lord Oort

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Welcome along. Have a read of this thread to let you know how things work around here and to give you an idea of how to start.

Best thing to do is get some reports up if you've already been to a few places or use the search box and see whats in your local area. Once you have a couple of reports up people will be far more likely to invite you out/trade locations.

Look forward to seeing some reports :thumb

Any other questions just ask.

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