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Red dress house ( Domgay wales )


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I think you should add one, and also that anyone posting bullshit in general will be called out.

Thank you someone who is actually helpful I won’t mention it again but I still think everyone over reacted just a tad this is all that needed to be said x
There we go all sorted now. I'd offer to have you along but I dont know where in the country you are. There is a meet coming up soon so if you dont fancy meeting a stranger off the internet that would be your best bet.
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All I am going to say is...

Theres a Morris Ital, just sitting there, rotting!

And for once, that's the best thing for it!


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God this place gives me a proper urbex boner. Need to visit before it inevitably ends up on fire or completely sealed.
It's been open for years

The pictures really need work, please don't have so many quirky angles if you decide to do another report, people just want to see what the site is like


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It’s been a while since I visited this place. The last time I came we had police interruption but thankfully just a friendly warning. The place freaks me out as the old school photo hanging in the lounge has my mum in it!
Anyway, here are my pics from a couple of years ago......






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