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Report - Red Moss Culvert - May 2011.


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Red Moss Culvert, Horwich


I visited the loco works earlier in the year with AndyJ and since heard rumours of a tunnel that runs under the works from Red Moss from a non 28 member

Whilst passing through the area with Stepping Lightly we decided to go take a closer look

The Outfall is easily missed as the area is overgrown, despite the tunnel being around 1.8M

Anyway we followed the 2 cast iron pipes in to see what this thing actually is/was...

Neither of us had wellies or wadors so wasn't expecting to go far, until SL just ploughed through all the silt and water :D

Naturally I followed into what appeared to be a small culvert with some kind of water feeder pipes for the old loco works

We must have walked for an age, easily passing under the loco works before coming to an end where the drain appeared to be bricked

At this point I would say we were somewhere under Chorley New Rd

About half way were some ageing rungs to a compressed manhole which appeared to have not been lifted in years

Other than that and the pipework not much too see, however still an interesting little mooch




Thanks for looking :thumb


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