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General - Redcar Blast Furnace Nov 16


Finally got round to heading up north and making a start here.
I was unsure whether to do a report as there are quite a few floating around already and @Speed has pretty much covered every square inch of SSI quite epically so heres my take on it.

The Blast Furnace is a large steel structure lined with refractory firebricks that can withstand temperatures approaching 2000oC. The furnace gets its name from the method that is used to heat it. Pre-heated air at about 1000oC is blasted into the furnace through nozzles near its base.

The hot air blast to the furnace burns the coke and maintains the very high temperatures that are needed to reduce the ore to iron. The reaction between air and the fuel generates carbon monoxide. This gas reduces the iron (III) oxide in the ore to iron.

The impurities are removed react with calcium oxide to make a liquid slag that floats on top of the molten iron. The slag is collected after the denser iron has been run out of a tap hole near the bottom of the furnace.
The production of iron in a Blast Furnace is a continuous process. The furnace is heated constantly and is re-charged with raw materials from the top while it is being tapped from the bottom. Iron making in the furnace usually continues for about ten years before the furnace linings have to be renewed.

The energy costs of the operation are kept to a minimum by collecting and cleaning the hot gas that leaves the furnace. This gas contains a lot of carbon monoxide. It can be re-used as a fuel for other steelmaking processes or to heat up the air blast to the furnace.


Explore was with @AdeleJane and we arrived at the location the night before the explore and had a drive around the perimeter to check for the vast amount of cameras they have up now, Im not sure how its previously been here but there are now scaffold rigs with spotlights and cameras. After we were happy we knew where most were we checked into the hotel and headed back first thing in the morning.

Getting there we sent the drone up for a final check of where the security vans were parked and then made our way in with a little guidance from @ACID- REFLUX avoiding the constant patrols.

So to start off here are some outside shots, these were quite risky to get as we were out in the open doing these and could clearly see security.





We soon found ourselves under the blast furnace and looking for an entry point. Eventually we had climb an area on to the upper layers as all the bottom steps at entry points had be gassed off but once we were in we were greeted with the huge furnace and what a sight it is!

I won't go on anymore, ill just get to the photos.














And now a couple outside climbing to the top of the furnace for look over SSI






There you go thanks for looking​


To be fair you have a point they didn't look old enough to be roof the roof sheets. The power station is completely sealed shut now, even the 3 roof doors are bolted from the inside so never managed to get in unfortunately :(


Dockers Umbrella
Regular User
nice stuff :thumb

A bit of a hurricane (well seemed that way) the week earlier,
the corrugated was swaying & hanging by a single screw.
Assuming they must of found the workmans ladders & removed them by now,
saying that theres loads lying about the site.

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