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Report - Redpath Bros Vehicle Maintenance Workshop

Alice o123

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28DL Full Member
Two weeks ago, I decided to have another look around the town of Wooler after previously driving through it to get to Ewart Park Mansion (another, fantastic abandoned location). Whilst passing through, I picked up on more possible abandoned places that I could return to explore.

One that made the list was this old vehicle workshop. I had previously been there a couple of days earlier prior to venturing inside too but didn’t venture inside as dusk was just around the corner. So instead I just looked for potential entrances and checked out the exterior. I did not find the name or purpose of this building until I was exploring inside it and found cheques with their name and logo on them and multiple pieces of equipment and information giving me the name of Redpath bros. Information on this place was sparse and was hard to come by. Nevertheless it was an interesting explore as there were many objects left behind by the previous owners that given clues as to what the building was used for and who owned it.

Sadly there was vandalism and lots of obscene graffiti on the walls but to be honest, nature Is taking it over at a fast rate anyway. Furthermore, there was another upstairs section but decided against going up because the floors were collapsing and nonexistent in some places visible from the stairway.

The pictures are not the best of quality but it was a very interesting place indeed and certainly worth sharing. It was worth driving back up to the location for a proper look around inside.


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Yes the brewery plans are looking interesting - Plans for the Ad Gefrin Distillery are being spearheaded by the Ferguson family, owners of national haulage firm Fergusons as well as many other North East firms going back over four generations.