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The Picture Playhouse was opened on 8th July 1921 with 800 seats. It was built adjacent to the Cinema de Luxe and was operated by Randolph E. Richards (the Cinema de Luxe was closed in February 1924 and became a garage).
In 1966, it was taken over by the Classic Cinemas chain and was re-named Classic Cinema. Upon the retirement of Classic Cinemas chairman Eric Rhodes, he was ‘given’ the Classic Cinema to operate, and he re-named it Curzon Picture Playhouse. The building was twinned, with a bingo hall in the former stalls area and a small 300 seat cinema in the former circle. It was closed in June 1988.
Then came a period of openings and closings under different managements 1989-January 1991, May 1991-April 1994, February 1995-October 2004, when it finally closed as a cinema.
A nice little local explore, had our eye on it for a while, was just a point of getting out and getting it done.

Didnt no what to expect, could be completly stripped for all we new, so with the most blatant acsess ever, hoping the locals wouldnt call the 50 we headed in.

First thing we came across was the old projector room, lucky day, projectors still in situ.

Next we made our way to the main screen, still there altough a bit damaged, but with the original chairs as well in place, that was good enough for me.

Explored with ridds & twisted












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Was it easy enough to gain access? I've lived in Bexhill my while life until recently moving to Hastings and wanted.to go and explore since it closed :)
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