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Report - Redstone Hall Care Home - Redhill/Surrey - Oct 17


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This place has been on my radar for sometime, a mere stroll away from fullers earthworks its definately worth a visit to anybody in the area.
This site used to be a residential care home for young adults with disabilities, the latest date i could find was a newspaper dated to 2003, however their framed fire safety documents had not been updated since 1997.
There have been multiple planning applications submitted to surre council to demolish and build 11-13 apartments on the land with parking, the most recent one im october of 2015 which was approved, yet nothing has happened yet, there is also a security guard hut (now boarded up) on the land. The metal faries have visited, and only sped up the 20-14 years this site has had to decay.
Judging from the local house prices, this site would be worth 600-800k, if it were in shape that is.

Now for the photographs :thumb

Externals first :

Surprising to see most of the windows still intact, being in redhill

Now the interior :

What made me realise this wasnt just a large cottage

Metal faries doing their job


Very heavily decayed rooms


Kitchen area


Up we go

Its a warped mirror, i promise i am not deformed

Beautifully overgrown upstairs

The hole i fell through :D quite an experience

My way out

Thanks for looking :thumb
Leave your thoughts below :)


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Haha I nearly fell through that floor.

I didn't recognise the place until I see the banister

Nice report mate, well done :thumb

Kelly marie

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ive been researching the last hour just for this one place and its driving me loopy, i think ive found the area but im not sure , i have found 1 address and 1 that aint.. lets say reachable, any chance u could please just give me a street name so i defo no im on the right one , i do understand rsearching and i always do my fair share and i always persevere to find my places to visit.?


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Nice mirror shot mate. Good to see some more of what surrey has to offer :thumb

Calamity Jane

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Looks an interesting one to photography. Good job, love the photos. I do like an ornate stair case. May hit this up soon. :thumb

The Explorer Returns

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It's been gone a while mate, even before it went it was super sealed up, I first went last year but ever since you could never get in until it was demo'd! SHAME really as the natural decay was amazing! another one bites the dust.... :(

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