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Lead or Rumour info - Regal Cinema, Kingston - Update


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I had a dream two nights ago that all the boarding had been taken down on the cinema and managed to get inside.

Hoping my dreams were prophetic, I decided to pop down yesterday lunchtime. Indeed all the boarding HAD been taken down, only to be replaced by stronger (and redder) boarding. There was also a sign on the door saying EMN Developments. Shit.

So I was just about to walk back when I noticed a door open at the front. Result! I poked my head to see the auditorium area – all very badly damaged unfortunately but still in the same state as it was in the last report.

Then I heard someone inside. Turned out to be a contractor who was quite a friendly guy so we chatted outside for a bit. He’s currently removing the asbestos (mainly in the projector area) and then the interior will be demolished and turned into an ice rink and housing. Lovely It was bought for just £2000,000.

The place is going to be rather hard to access now as all entry points have been sealed. And internal demolition will probably take place over the next few months.

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This place is still accessible, you need to look harder and higher ;)

The open day will probably be restricted access I should imagine.