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Question - Regular small group lancs setup anyone

Mickey mouse

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28DL Full Member
Looking to arrange a group of 3 max 4 to go on sunday explorations. It is more fun with others. Is this possible or do people prefer to go it alone. I always wonder if there are squatters/addicts in these places.


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28DL Full Member
I would be interested in a meet for sunday explorations, I have only been to a couple of locations on my own and every time I have been I've come across people sleeping rough. Last week I was in a well known location in oldham and I was on the 3rd floor when I opened a closed door to find 3 guys and a woman, totally outnumbered and camera in hand it certainly puts you on edge incase there scum and want your gear lol
But yeah solo me would be down for a meet.


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I lead an urbex group in Liverpool. Might be a little too out of the way for you Lancs lot. We go on our first explore together this coming Saturday. We’ll be arranging social meets too in pubs etc.
If anyone would want in, drop me a message.


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28DL Member
I'm defiantly keen! I'm a bit new here, so I've mostly been seeing everyone else's posts and I've mostly been exploring by myself. I'd love a group to go with!
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