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Report - Renaissance Apartment Construction Site + Crane, Lewisham, March 2015


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Hey everyone!
Sorry if the title was a little lengthy. This is my first report, so please bare with me. I would appreciate any pointers on how to improve a report.

This construction site is to be an apartment complex upon completion. It is being built by Barratt homes as part of their "Renaissance SE13" project. There are currently 19 floors and the roof would be the 20th floor.

I actually did this site twice. I came in the first time to climb the crane, but didn't take enough photos of the site/crane itself to warrant a good report (especially as my first report). So I came back a couple weeks later to take some photos for a worthy report. I targeted the apartment complex itself the second time around.

Sorry if the pictures aren't good. I'm not a photographer by any means, and only have my iphone 5 to take photos.

I'm still looking for a crew or a partner to adventure with :(

Oh and I also picked up a good lead for anyone interested in the Lewisham area.


Here is what the site looks like from the outside





Here were some views from the first day from the top of the crane.




Aaaand finally the second day!

What it looks like inside






And these are the views from the very top.




I hope you all enjoyed the show!
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Props to you, wicked first report! Did pass this a while ago looked nice. Good report enjoyed that! :)


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Nice ones mate :) Although id suggest an I-Phone is probably the worst thing to take pics on, but good start.
yeaaaah... agreed...But I don't have anything else to take photos with, and I wanted to document the explores :) I'll see if I can invest in a camera though! Thanks :D


"Take only pictures, leave only footprints"
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Damn that looks amazing! Wicked report mate! :thumb


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Good effort.

But, can we please shift this to NP, there's a few bits in Lewisham including this ive meaning to hit but havn't got the chance to yet, ive even suggested this to a couple of the lads but alas still not yet.

can we maybe keep all london high stuff NP like we used too...

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