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Welcome to my first post. After recently visiting the Seven Pines large house I decided to scan the area for more dereliction and managed to find a PDF off a development site stating that there was a large house on the grounds in disrepair,, and listed the postcode.. After chatting to some other explorers I realized I'm not the first person to stumble upon this.


The access is a dream.. Walk into grounds off the road,, walk up to building,, walk in.. Zero climbing which is great for me!! As soon as we were inside we instantly felt like we was sneaking around someone's home rather than an Urbex location,, as all of the lights were still on and most of the furniture is left.. The water taps work and the toilets flush! The second room we walked into was my favorite hence the heavy amount of photos for that room.. The desk set up was gorgeous and the lamp was on,, with the pen pots still set up.. Truly untouched.. I wonder who is still paying the electric bill?! Walking further through the house confirmed the history for me.. You walk through a clean untouched house until you reach one of the later added extensions, which were damp and mouldy.. There were buckets filled with water where the ceilings were leaking. All in all one of my favorite explores..

The large house was built in the 17th century and is of course now grade II listed. Ive been unable to source exactly when the main building was abandoned although some suggest 2010. Seems unlikely though as all the lights work.. The building has had many extensions built but these were poorly constructed (hence the damp) and have fallen into disrepair,, resulting in the whole building being purchased by a development company who plan to demolish and rebuild. Staff and workers for the development company briefly lived in the property in 2018.











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Best photos yet on this place, well done, it’s an amazing place, I guess to tour bus will be arriving shortly..seven pines is 100% trashed now, this will be next


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I went to this site last weekend and noticed that they have now put security in the building and there is a active dog on site. Advised that people do not try to come as the security told me that they will be tighening the security in the coming days.