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Report - Naujieji Verkiai Paper Factory - Oct. 2019


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Hello. This is my first report here, so I’m not sure about anything – the content, number of photos, etc. I apologize in advance for my poor grammar skills (I’ve just moved to England, so if anyone would like to give me any tips and tricks – on the reports, grammar or whatever – DM me).

The object:
You can easily find Naujieji Verkiai paper factory near Vilnius, on the shore of Turniškės river. Nonetheless, the paper industry in the region was thriving there since the 17th century. The first factory, established by a local bishop in 1690s, remained active till 1850’s when a big fire destroyed the majority of old buildings. There’s not much left from that time period: an old Riešės dam, ruined leftovers of a nearby Verkiai manor, and a few buildings. The factory was rebuilt in 1852 and at the end of the 19th century became the biggest and most modern paper factory in the Eastern Russian Empire, producing up to 1300 tons of paper a year. That was till all hell broke loose in the 20th century – another fire in 1912, reconstruction in 1914, during the WW1 it was damaged, a lot of equipment removed only for the factory to be reopened during the WW2, after which it was reconstructed a few more times. Since 2009 it stands abandoned and mainly empty, though some parts are rented by local businesses.

The explore:
As I’ve written before, it’s easy to find this place (you can easily catch a bus from the city) and get inside – just not through the front gate. The factory itself is surrounded by a few ruined and badly damaged buildings, so you have to climb down this pretty steep hill to reach it. During my visit, the place was barely touched by vandals – only a few graffiti and broken windows. Part of the area is still used, but it’s hard to tell because there’s not much movement or other signs, so it was no surprise that I’ve managed to trigger a sound alarm in one of the bigger storage spaces, though no one seemed to react to that. I also encountered a CCTV, which, under closer inspection, turned out to be cut off. Since it has been abandoned since 2009, there was no equipment left, just empty spaces.














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Good 1st report. 2nd shot is so atmospheric, love the gas masks too. Welcome to 28DL


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Great report and the first report we've had from Lithuania I think...

[EDIT: I stand corrected. There's a few from Lithuania when I look in the search box]


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I agree with everyone else, cracking first report, nothing wrong with your spelling or grammar at all either.
The gas masks and windows are particularly interesting and nice to see.

Welcome along.