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Report - Report - RAF Sculthorpe, Norfolk - September 2015

Kieron Exley

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28DL Full Member
Heres a short report about my trip to RAF Sculthorpe.

Please keep in mind writing reports are not my strong point, Im an urban explorer/photographer, not writer!

How I got there, I live over an hour away from Sculthorpe, so my plan was to park in the town of 'Wicken Green' which is right next to it and find a way in on foot. However to my surprise my satnav took my down the back roads and right onto the site. I was a little skeptical to leave my car on the site but I risked it.

My first approach is always cautious. Sneaking around, making no sound and staying well out of site, but after an hour I saw a dog walker or two, and people driving through, so I ended up joining them in walking on the roads, I was never stopped, questioned or even looked at funny. So from what I can make out if you're planning on going, I think you're allowed to walk around.

My main priority was getting to the control tower, however I was unsuccessful. There is a very large (new looking) fence around the place and sticking to my rules, if theres no clear way in, mission failed. However I managed to walk around the rest of the site. Its what you expect, beautiful of course, but the long corridors, broken windows and empty rooms we have all seen before. However the hangars were a nice find.

Ok ok, lets get on with what you came for:

(I will only be posting a few photos on here, I will post all the photos on my blog over the next week or so, feel free to come take a look: http://urbexarchive.tumblr.com/)










'That's All Folks!'

Stay Safe.